About Us

Freedom4Girls is a UK-registered charity fighting period poverty. We actively support women and girls in both the UK and in developing countries, who struggle to access safe menstrual hygiene protection by offering not just disposables, but environmentally-friendly, washable re-usables and menstrual cups.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to purchase materials for washable period packs, collect and distribute donated period products, provide much needed menstrual hygiene management education and be at the heart of policy-influencing discussions surrounding period poverty.

We envisage a world in which no girl or woman suffers from period poverty or stigma associated with their periods.

No girl should miss school because she is on her period.

No woman should be forced to miss work because she is on her period.

Please help us end worldwide period poverty, together!

The Story So Far...

In late 2016, Tina Leslie founded Freedom4Girls. The concept grew from a project that Tina had been working on in Kenya for around a year, with the help of a charity called Maji Safi projects. The project involved setting up sewing workshops with local women, making washable reusable sanitary pads. These pads were then delivered alongside menstrual and reproductive education, to schools in semi-rural areas in and around coast Mombasa.

In March 2017, Tina was approached by a colleague who worked in a Leeds school, asking for help with girls who were missing school as they did not have access to affordable menstrual protection. Shocked by how widespread problem of period poverty is in both the UK and other countries, Tina went on to deliver a number of media interviews, helping to bring the issue into the spotlight. Over the coming months, various media reports demonstrated the extent of period poverty in UK schools: many young women and girls sadly miss school and extra-curricular activities every month because they cannot afford menstrual products and feel forced to stay at home.

The issue of period poverty has a significant impact on women and girls from all walks of life. A large part of our work in the UK involves overseeing several donation stations across Leeds and West Yorkshire, where members of the public can donate menstrual products; these are primarily located in supermarkets, non-profit premises and small businesses. We also frequently receive donated products that are collected by private individuals, community groups and office collections. So far in 2019, Freedom4Girls have received more than 4000 packs of pads and tampons, 550 menstrual cups and 105 washable pads.

Freedom4Girls currently distribute donated products to those in need via over 70 outlets, including statutory agencies (e.g. community hubs, one-stop shops, foodbanks (with support from Fareshare), refugee & asylum seeker organisations, women’s shelters, mental health charities and community groups. So far in 2019, we have distributed over 1200 packs of disposables, 1600 individual products and 100 menstrual cups.

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