How can I help?

Donate Money

We appreciate it’s a difficult time for everyone. Charitable organisations and fundraising are taking a significant hit in the current climate. But we want to reassure you that even very small amounts of cash can directly support our beneficiaries, young women & girls experiencing period poverty.

£7 is all it costs to create a reusable period pad pack that will last up to 3 years. This will then support one of the beneficiaries of our East Africa projects to manage their menstrual health, to feel comfortable when they get their periods and to stay in school.

Donating just £10 will support in the menstrual health empowerment education sessions delivery for both our UK and East Africa projects.

Donate period products

We gladly accept donations of in date disposable or washable, reusable menstrual products from both members of the public, businesses or product providers. Freedom4Girls currently have a number of donation stations set up across Leeds, and other areas of West Yorkshire. We also accept postal donations. If you would like to donate products to us, contact us for more information:

Set up a donation station

If you would like to support your local community by starting your own donation station, Freedom4Girls can offer support and advice. We suggest speaking to your local community centres, charities, supermarkets, schools and other organisations, who may accept or benefit from donations. After finding a donation station host, arrange convenient collection days and identify where these products would best be distributed, either on site or being taken elsewhere.

Donate your time

Freedom4Girls are supported by some amazing volunteers in the UK and Kenya and there are a number of ways that you can volunteer with us.

If you’re a keen sewer or are passionate about sustainable options of menstrual products, why not donate some of your time towards one of our monthly sewing workshops.

Freedom4Girls run a volunteer programme you can contribute and get involved with all elements of our practice; from supporting our events to supporting the delivery of our donated period products, we are very flexible to your schedule and needs. Please contact us to find out more information.