Menstrual Health & Empowerment Education Workshops

At Freedom4Girls, we believe that a huge part in addressing period poverty is ensuring that everyone, and young people especially, are privy to quality education that provides a realistic and unapologetic picture of what it means to have a period. 

Without this level of detail in menstrual health education across all levels of society, there is a real risk that the impact period poverty has on gender equality and the stigmas and taboos associated with periods, will perpetuate to causing more harm and missed opportunities for women and girls.

 In delivering a holistic and empowerment focused education programme for young people, we have seen first-hand the positive reinforcement this can have on a young person’s self esteem, confidence and their capacity to feel calm and comfortable in their own bodies, which otherwise can have serious implications on mental health.

 Our education sessions provide context to reasons behind menstrual cramps, the reasons for and ways to treat PMS, and connect young women and girls to their menstruating sisters across the world, reinforcing that periods are amazing and we are not alone in our experiences.

The feedback we receive from both young people and professionals is always positive.

If you have any questions about our education programme or to request a session, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!