Our Campaigns

Our ultimate goal is to address and counter each contributory factor of period poverty. We strive for menstrual equity amongst all women, girls and those who menstruate.

We do this by:

  • Actively campaigning for menstrual equity;
  • Operating a donation station model that provides for the provision of a choice of free products to those most in need;
  • Working in partnership with a network of voluntary, statutory and private sector agencies to supply those in need with access to a choice of free products;
  • Delivering a menstrual health management education programme that focuses on empowering young people, reducing stigmas and developing their confidence and comfort around menstruation;
  • Commissioning environmental impacts of period poverty in Leeds and effectively communicating the results of this research to help frame policy for those affected by period poverty.

Provision of Period Products

Campaigning Against Period Poverty

Menstrual Health & Empowerment Education

Reusable Pad Sewing Workshops

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