Product Donations

Freedom4Girls provide period products to those in need in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and across other regions of the UK, Kenya and Uganda. We are committed to offering choice to all and ensuring that our beneficiaries can access safe menstrual protection appropriate to their circumstances.

Through our donation station model, we receive donated period products from members of the public, small businesses and larger corporations and product providers who we have ongoing partnerships with. Through this system of donated products and product collection, we are able to donate a choice of products for free to the most marginalised and in need women and girls in our communities.

We are very keen to increase our provision of sustainable, washable cloth pads, period underwear and menstrual cups within the UK; if you ae involved with a business or organisation that could help to support this approach, please contact us!

If you would also like to understand how to set up a donation station and work to end period poverty in your communities, please download our Donation Station poster and guide to setting them up here!


Unsurprisingly, we’ve made the decision to cancel our sewing workshops until further notice. However, if any of our volunteers would like to continue sewing at home, we’ll happily provide fabric, templates etc for you to do so. Please send us a message or drop us an email for more info ( Our upcoming trips to Kenya and Uganda will almost certainly need to be postponed, so we’re taking this as an opportunity to build up a good supply of period packs for later in the year!

We are also aware that the current levels of panic-buying have left many shelves empty of period products. If you’re in need, please let us know and we will help you. We will be restricting supplies to 1 or 2 packs per person, and if you can normally afford to buy products, we ask that you give us a small donation so that we can replenish our supplies once things calm down a bit. Over the next week we hope to establish pick-up points so that we aren’t inundated with requests, so watch this space!

In these uncertain times we are as determined as ever to ensure that everyone has access to safe period products and will continue to provide those in need throughout the Leeds area to the best of our ability.

Stay strong and safe,

The F4G team x