Short film with Dog Eat Dog!

25th July. 33°C. The hottest day of the year.

Dozens of incredible folk from Dog Eat Dog, a London-based production company, gave up their time in the sweltering heat to shoot a short film for us, raising awareness of period poverty and the work of Freedom4Girls.

Tina Leslie, our founder, spent 2 days on set with them and was blown away by the amount of hard work and dedication that she saw from both the film crew and the actors. She said:

“This film is about struggling families, period poverty and tackling stigma and taboo among boys. It’s a heart-wrenching short film- hard-hitting and sad, but refreshingly honest about the real experiences of real people in the UK today.

All of the highly professional film actors and production staff worked on the film for free; two 13-hour days of filming on the two hottest days of the year (one of which was on a very hot and stuffy London bus)! Plus of course, all of the pre- and post-production time!”

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Dog Eat Dog and all who have been involved. Watch this space for updates on the film…!


Unsurprisingly, we’ve made the decision to cancel our sewing workshops until further notice. However, if any of our volunteers would like to continue sewing at home, we’ll happily provide fabric, templates etc for you to do so. Please send us a message or drop us an email for more info ( Our upcoming trips to Kenya and Uganda will almost certainly need to be postponed, so we’re taking this as an opportunity to build up a good supply of period packs for later in the year!

We are also aware that the current levels of panic-buying have left many shelves empty of period products. If you’re in need, please let us know and we will help you. We will be restricting supplies to 1 or 2 packs per person, and if you can normally afford to buy products, we ask that you give us a small donation so that we can replenish our supplies once things calm down a bit. Over the next week we hope to establish pick-up points so that we aren’t inundated with requests, so watch this space!

In these uncertain times we are as determined as ever to ensure that everyone has access to safe period products and will continue to provide those in need throughout the Leeds area to the best of our ability.

Stay strong and safe,

The F4G team x